We Care About Your Health

We Provide the Most Comprehensive range of healthcare services at your Doorstep

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We Care About Your Elder Babies

We Provide the Most Comprehensive range of healthcare services at your Doorstep

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We are here for You!

We Provide the Most Comprehensive range of healthcare services at your Doorstep

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More experience

Wide variety of patients we treat each year prepares us to treat the one who matters most—you.

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Clinic based excellence with clinical variety and extensive research

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Innovation with impact

All of our patient care, education and research are driven to make discoveries that can help heal you.

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We are Here to Serve You!

We are driven to make healthcare better. We offer Personal Health care services 24/7 that help improve patients’ Health in a short period of time.
1st franchise to offer palliative care, geriatric care, and end-of-life care.

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Our Services

24/7 emergency

The emergency visit is completed by either getting admitted to the hospital or released back to go home.

Medical checkup

Health check up packages can be tailored to meet your institution specific requirements and budget


Our in-house Pharmacy unit help to treat our patients effectively

Nursing Services

we work with the members of allied disciples such as dietetics with personal care


We have well Experienced Diabetologist on our Team to resolve your issues

Intensive Care

We provide personalised and high levels of support for Elder people at their door Step


 Hospice care prioritizes comfort and quality of life by reducing pain and suffering of Elder Babies.

Post Hospitalization Care

 It is a very crucial and critical time period where the patient needs to be taken care of well so that they do not have a relapse or contract another disease.


Palliative care is an interdisciplinary medical caregiving approach aimed at optimizing quality of life and mitigating suffering among people with serious, complex, and often terminal illnesses.

End of Life Care

End-of-life care includes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support for patients and their families. The goal of end-of-life care is to control pain and other symptoms so the patient can be as comfortable as possible.


Rehabilitation, also known as physiatry, is a branch of medicine that aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to people with physical impairments or disabilities


When a patient is bedridden or immobilized, nurses need to make sure that all bony prominences are protected.

Our Departments

Elders Home Care Service
OPD Service
Mobile Clinic

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Care

We provide personalized and high levels of support for Elder people at their doorstep.

Years of Experience

More than 30+ Years of Experience in the Medical Field with Numerous Awards.

Tremendous Analytic Skills

We Listen to your queries to analyze the root cause of the illness with years of knowledge and service on our side

Quick Diagnosis

Once we get to know the Root Cause of the illness we attend to treat them immediately without any delays cause we know every second in life is Precious

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    Our Experts

    Dr. Chandra Sekaran P

    Founder – Managing Director

    Dr. Swaminathan C

    Intensivist, Diabetologist, Geriatrician

    Our Clients Reviews

    A J SB
    A J SB
    Dr. Swaminathan is professional and extremely ethical! He was so patient taking care of my mom who was not very cooperative in the beginning. He was always polite and patient with her and us. He also communicated with HS in an extremely professional manner and was very flexible with our schedule as we live abroad!!! Thank you for everything!
    Ravi M
    Ravi M
    Very affordable doctor He is a boon to senior citizens Excellent service by him I wish him all the best in his career
    Ramesh Sankaran
    Ramesh Sankaran
    My mother is 96years .She was affected by corona. During that time he has taken care of the patient with utmost care by making home visits periodically with punctual.
    Sabitha Purendran
    Sabitha Purendran
    I am from Chennai, Dr Swaminathan, Selvi Health Clinic, Madurai is a very very gem of a person and friendly too. He helped a lot to my father's treatment who is bedridden at difficult times thro phone consultation. His service with kindness are extremely beneficial for the old age people. He is very reasonable and not money minded. And am very thankful to him. Chennai also need like Dr. Swaminathan.
    Poornima Ramamoorthy
    Poornima Ramamoorthy
    Dr Swaminathan has been nothing but amazing! My brother has been under his care for at least the past couple of years, I can’t thank Dr. Swaminathan enough for his patience in dealing with a difficult patient like my brother. He is also very good at patiently explaining what’s going on, what medicines he prescribed and what each of them helps address the issue to my mother. I am not in town, so he makes sure to take time to send me the observations about the visit and what he has done to help improve the current condition. All of us in our family are so grateful to have him as our doctor and be in his care.
    Attended my father 93 yrs old at my home. Doctor of a different class and his concept of house visit is the need of the hour. Knowledgeable, experienced and very efficient in diagnosis and swift action. He gives a personal touch to the patient. Above all a very kind and humble doctor. Salutes to you sir and may God bless you in all your endeavors.
    Sheeba Grace
    Sheeba Grace
    The team deserves this detailed review and appreciation. My grandma fell down 2 years ago and from then on we had been having difficulties taking care of her. We honestly didn’t know what to do since she couldn’t walk. We had home nurse but nothing much changed and suddenly she fell sick and stopped talking. That’s when I found this doctor by God’s grace on google. I read an article about him in Times of India and called him. The very next day he came home with his team and treated my grandma. By looking at her and the urine color in the catheter tube, he knew she had UTI (which we didn’t know) and immediately he just started giving anti biotics and didn’t wait for the results to come. When the results came, we discussed further about it and started other treatments. She is getting better and better now. The person we thought wouldn’t be alive, is better now. I thank the whole team. Because you mean a lot to the family members. I would suggest the doctor to anyone who is not able to move around, or not finding a way to take the patient to the hospital. Because he is the “Doctor on Wheels” 🙂 I would also want to thank them because one of my friends who couldn’t afford money asked me if I could call the doctor. I did that and told them about his financial problems so he was kind enough to reduce the charge. And he is a bit honest about how things work, and he gives options as well for us to choose what kind of treatment we would want to have and etc., Though they wake up sooooo early, and are tired, I never found them angry or frustrated or upset while talking to us. They still smile and talk to the patients which is giving them boost. One person drives and other takes rest in the vehicle until they reach the next house. This is how they do it which is difficult but its their choice to help people. I really appreciate them. And also I would want to explain about the medicine supply and blood tests. We got the medicines delivered to our home, and also they came and took the blood test as well. Soft and hard copies of the results were provided. For the people who are working in a company like me and who are not able to move the patients to any hospital are really benefitted by their service. Though I had a lot of office work that day, I was able to get everything home without taking the stress of going to medical shop, getting the blood test done and etc., on me. I had my time to process everything and act accordingly because everything came to my doorstep. Thank you team once again. We really appreciate what you do. God surely will bless you.